Top 10 Things You Should Know


It will not cost you more to use our services

Whether you select a Medicare health plan with our group or purchase directly from the carrier, your cost does not change; same coverage and same cost – Our Services Are FREE!


Don’t put off enrolling

If you wait, you may have to pay more later and have fewer choices. McCunis-Fox will guide you through your Medicare enrollment based on your situation.


Your situation is unique and should be treated that way

Basing your plan selection on the advice of friends, family, and neighbors isn’t always the most suitable choice for your needs.

medicare for seniors

Higher premiums do not always mean “more coverage”

Many insurance carriers offer a variety of plans. McCunis-Fox can assist in selecting a plan appropriate for your needs and budget.


You’re not stuck with your choices forever

No Medicare Advantage Plan or prescription plan is the same and they are subject to change each year. McCunis-Fox will review your policy annually to ensure that you understand your coverage.

medicare for seniors

Your costs may be more than you think

Original Medicare doesn’t cover all your hospital and medical expenses.


Not all agencies who sell health plans can also provide proper customer support

Many agents sell health plans, but cannot offer comprehensive service or selection. McCunis-Fox offers a wide variety of options and has a licensed professional team available to you throughout the year.


Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies and combine the coverage of Parts A, B and sometimes D, and offer other benefits.



Medigap insurance, or Medicare supplement insurance plans, are offered by private insurance companies and help ll in some of the gaps in Medicare Parts A and B coverage.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You can get help reviewing your choices or, if you’re on a limited income, you may get help paying for your Medicare plan costs.