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Health insurance coverage offered and financially supported by an employer as a benefit to the company’s employees is classified as group coverage. Group coverage provides an employer with the opportunity to provide an important benefit that employees value. Group coverage is available from multiple carriers who offer a significant number of plan options, a variety of network choices, and enrollment that is not limited by the Open Enrollment period.

Employers can design plans that meet a specific budget, plan design, or amount to be provided towards the plan premium. Group coverage can be an important benefit and can contribute to the well-being of a company’s workforce.

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Best Individual Health Insurance in Texas & Surrounding States

McCunis-Fox partners with dozens of health insurance companies to find you the best individual health insurance policy. We work with insurance companies throughout Texas and surrounding states to help you find local insurance coverage.

McCunis-Fox is based out of Texas; however, we serve clients throughout the country. Whether you live in Arizona, Florida, or anywhere in between, we can help you find health insurance.

As you shop for insurance, you’ll want to know that you have found the best policy and the best price for you. We partner with top-rated insurance companies to help you accomplish that goal. Because we work with so many different insurance providers, we can find you the best individual health insurance plan at an affordable price.

Personalized Health Care Needs Assessment

Our team members take the time to listen to your individual insurance needs and wants. Since every situation is different, this personalized interview process is important. Learning about your insurance needs helps us find you the very best individual health insurance plan for you.


We’ll work to find affordable plan options for you that fit your specific insurance needs.


Custom Insurance Plans to Fit Your Needs

Finding the right group health insurance plan is a different process for every organization. You’ll want to ensure your employees’ specific health care needs are covered by your policy. Also, it’s important that members can see their preferred doctors and visit their preferred clinics and hospitals.

The benefits you require from a group health insurance plan are important too. Since each plan provides for different coverages, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the plans available. Those plans need to take into account your employees’ individual health needs.

Cost is a factor as well; the price you pay for a group health insurance plan has to fit in with your budget. McCunis-Fox can customize a list of employer-sponsored health insurance plans that fit your organization’s health insurance needs along with your budget.

Your Partner in Finding the Right Health Care Plan for You

With so many group health insurance options, you’ll want to avoid the overwhelming process of wading through the many decisions alone. Instead, let the insurance experts at McCunis-Fox do the hard work for you.

We’re happy to partner with you to find the very best employer-sponsored health insurance for your organization.

Call us today at 800.935.6351. We’ll listen to your insurance needs carefully and find the best group health insurance plan for you. You deserve to choose from the best health insurance options available.

I had such a great experience through Misty. She really took the time to help me understand what the best coverage for my family is. I am so grateful (and surprised) that they help you for free! More people need to know about them! They truly care about what is best for you.

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